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Viviana Torres-Calcagno


Throughout my life there have been many defining moments that have led me to realize that I wanted to be an Art Therapist. The first, and most significant moment, took place at the age of four, when I realized that art would forever be my way of expressing myself and navigating the world around me. As art became the way that I coped, expressed myself, healed, transformed, and grew, I realized how much good that art could do in the world and in my dreams of helping others through art; this only grew throughout my life. 


I graduated from Salve Regina University with my BA in Administration of Justice and with a minor in Studio Art, and from Albertus Magnus College with my MA in Art Therapy and Counseling. I have explored coursework in Holistic Counseling at Salve Regina University.

I have worked in both non-therapeutic and therapeutic settings with individuals of all ages, backgrounds and with different diagnoses. During my time as a Pre-K para-professional and during my time as graduate art therapy intern at the CT Veterans Hospital and VinFen Art Connections Studio, I worked independently, with multidisciplinary teams and with various treatment modalities with children, adults, and seniors to help improve mental health and support recovery. 

Throughout all these experiences, I have come to realize the magic, the healing, and the therapeutic role that art can have on each individuals' journey towards improved well-being, mental health, and recovery. My approach combines the beliefs and practices of Psychoanalytic, Existential, and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy with an art-based process that promote self-expression, self-reflection, and mindfulness. 

Viviana Torres-Calcagno
Karina Sorensen

Karina Sorensen

MAATC, Art Therapist​, ATR-P

I have loved and created art for as long as I can remember. Also having fallen in love with psychology, discovering a path that brings together my love of art and my passion for helping others has been the greatest gift.


I earned my BA in Photography with a minor in Psychology from WCSU and my Masters in Art Therapy and Counseling from Albertus Magnus College. Every day, I am so excited to work with individuals through the therapeutic and healing powers of art. I have personally experienced and witnessed time and time again how transformative art therapy can be for individuals' overall well-being, and I am grateful for every opportunity to help people heal, transform, and grow through the art.

Jessica Dey


My two greatest passions in life are helping others and art. Art Therapy is a beautiful blend of art being a facilitating source of healing in an individual’s therapeutic process.

I graduated from Western Connecticut State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art with a minor in Psychology in 2012. I graduated from Springfield College with a Masters of Education in Art Therapy and Counseling in 2021.

I have experience working with children, teens, adults, and older adults both in individual and group settings. I have clinical and non-clinical experience working with individuals who come from a range of backgrounds, diagnosis, goals, and concerns both in person and through telehealth.

Jessica Dey
Francesca Siano

Francesca Siano


I am an Art Therapist and Counselor. I received my dual degree Masters of Art Therapy and Counseling from the CAAHEP, ACATE and AATA accredited school Albertus Magnus College located in New Haven, CT. I have art therapy experience working with a diverse group of populations of all ages both domestic and abroad and in a variety of settings. I have worked as both a group and individual therapist serving those who are struggling with mental health conditions and illnesses including co-occurring substance use and addiction issues.

I am passionate about my line of work and have an instinct to help people access ways for expressing their feelings through creative channels. I have a genuine and calming demeanor which encourages an open space for an individual to feel comfortable and at ease with one’s emotions and vulnerabilities. I am dedicated to supporting individuals of all ages with their mental, physical, and emotional well-being with the wholehearted notion that art therapy is an immensely powerful therapeutic intervention that fosters the mind-body-spirit connection and facilitates healing and growth in the most intrinsic way.

I offer the following art workshops at Artlighten LLC: Candlelight Sessions which includes a relaxing evening program for 9-5 workers / professionals to create art and express their feelings in a stress relieving way (+ incorporate aromatherapy); Abstract Collage where participants create an abstract art piece using shape cut outs of their choosing; Landscape Collage where participants learn the art of interpretation, both lose and precise to recreate a landscape piece using collage materials; Open Studio, a workshop session where participants take part in a process consisting of forming an intention, creating from a place of freedom and experimentation, witness writing and reading; Mandala Making focused on insight, healing and self expression and workshops for kids including Printmaking, Rock Painting and Art and Found to name a few. Visit our Shop Page to register for a workshop today.