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Afternoon Light

I wanted to take the time to share how grateful I am for Artlighten, both of my kids (7 and 15) are patients there and absolutely love attending their sessions. Artlighten is a company that is very accommodating and they truly care about their patients. Every time my kids leave their sessions, they feel happy and less stressed. The therapists at Artlighten focus on making each individual patient reach their mental health goals and make my kids confident and happy in attending their sessions. Personally, I believe therapy shouldn’t be something that people feel they need to hide or feel ashamed over. Artlighten allows my kids to feel confident in going to therapy so much so that they share and express their enjoyment to all of their friends.  Due to the fact that both of my kids have anxiety, with this kind of therapy being strictly based through art, it enables my kids to feel more comfortable in opening up to the therapists. This company also welcomes patients with open arms and strives to ensure that their patients are happy and comfortable.

- Miranda

"My Daughter has been seeing Genna for many years, and she really found out how to break down each situation she faced in a way that was tangible for her. She treats her as a person, not a child. Her methods of using art and talk therapy to navigate complex scenarios makes things much easier for her. I could not recommend Genna and Artlighten enough!" -Anonymous

"When I reached the point where I sought out therapy, I felt isolated and lost. I went out looking for support, to feel understood. I thought therapy was about healing the past. Three years later, I am living in a new state, with new friends, a new job - living a new life. I learned therapy isn’t just about healing the past, but building a future. I am deeply grateful for my experience with Artlighten and encourage anyone looking to expand their life and relationship with self to pursue art therapy." - Anonymous

"I recently started bringing my daughter in for art therapy with Artlighten, and it has made such a positive difference! She loves coming, and her therapist! I highly recommend Artlighten for all ages, and mental health journeys!"

- Anonymous

"Artlighten has been such a resource to my family! My son sees an amazing art therapist to treat his anxiety & the work she has done with him has changed everything. Our family often attends the art therapy workshops for kids, families, couples and has never been disappointed. We are looking forward to art camp this summer & many more experiences with Artlighten!"


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